DroneDeploy for Power Generation, Utility, and Distribution 

Lower inspection costs and keep your team safe with high-resolution digital twins of every site and asset in your portfolio.

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DroneDeploy for Utility Industry

Asset Inspection & Management

Quickly & safely detect issues during planning and routine inspections

Operations & Maintenance

Drone & 360 camera data assists in planning, coordination, & documentation

Emergency Response 

Plan & act faster using aerial data and live streaming 


Better understand and prioritize vegetation & maintenance needs across all assets 


Effectively maintain, manage, & verify integrity of assets

Emergency Response

Quickly assess a situation from a safe distance & live stream back to the team

Asset Inspection

  • Safely & securely fly using the DroneDeploy mobile app in autonomous or manual flight
  • Easily get aircraft in complex environments & capture quality data for mandated inspections
  • Cut costs and increase worker safety by eliminating expensive equipment, helicopters, and scaffolding during routine inspections
  • Assess and tag issues through high-resolution imagery and 3D models of each asset
  • Visualize radiometric thermal data to assess electrical lines to catch issues early
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Asset Management

  • DroneDeploy provides visual evidence of equipment, site, and asset conditions with precise location tracking and condition documentation 
  • Increase trust with stakeholders by sharing an accurate digital twin of each asset in Esri 
  • Improve relationships with local or federal agencies and create a sense of transparency by sharing aerial maps
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DroneDeploy fosters greater communication across teams... it brings better communication from drone pilot to end-user.

Operations, Maintenance, & Construction

  • Go from a multi-person ground-based crew to one person surveying an entire site in 10 minutes – a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional surveying
  • Overlay design or plans on top of aerial maps to better plan and verify progress 
  • Utilizing drone surveys equipped with thermal cameras pinpoint hot spots with colored heat signatures
  • Send a drone to first verify conditions and issues before sending a person into a hazardous environment  
  • In the case of a dispute, drone imagery provides geo-tagged, time-stamped historical data to all appropriate parties

Emergency Preparedness

  • In an active emergency, leverage DroneDeploy Live Stream to bring the drone’s perspective right to your distributed team
  • Easily map, annotate, and identify areas of concern quickly with aerial maps 
  • Pulling DroneDeploy maps into your Esri ArcGIS instance gives workers an in-depth look at which assets were affected and offers a historical record for years to come
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[The Esri] integration removes a lot of manual steps and headaches because the data from DroneDeploy is automatically available in Esri. It changed my entire process, making it smoother and highly efficient.

Transmission & Distribution Line Inspection

Vertical Flight and the drone inspection workflow allow you to inspect structural elements from the safety of the ground. Use plant health analysis to detect issues and understand vegetation encroachment on vital assets.

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Nuclear Cooling Towers & Tank Inspection

With automated drone flight paths and 360 Walkthrough,  you can virtually survey and inspect your site. Digitize each asset to create a baseline for your entire asset portfolio. By understanding exactly where and what condition your assets are in, you will improve efficiency and communication across your teams, allowing for better planning and resource allocation.

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Inventory Management

Use DroneDeploy automated stockpile measurement and volumetric analysis to calculate and measure how much coal or ash is on site. Share a stockpile report with the field team to stay on top of how much inventory has been added and removed.


Security & Operations Management

Automate and centralize flight, operations, and compliance with Drone Operations Management. Integrate into applications you already use, such as Esri, and leverage APIs to integrate into custom systems. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit with secure cloud infrastructure, DDoS protection, and ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 1 & 2 certification.

Scale Operations with a Trusted Ecosystem

Tailor DroneDeploy with built-In tools and powerful integrations to your existing applications, like Esri, Azure, S3, and more.

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