DroneDeploy for Renewable Energy

Create digital replicas of sites and assets

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DroneDeploy for Renewable Energy

Site Surveys

Site Surveys

Assess project sites more efficiently, accurately, and consistently with aerial surveys

Project Management

Project Management

Streamline project documentation, communication, and subcontractor verification



Ensure safety in the field while preventing future site install issues while complying with government regulations.

Through aerial maps and 3D models, DroneDeploy automates analysis and reporting to speed up the site survey process, standardize the deliverables, reduce direct risk to workers conducting inspections, and improve collaboration with stakeholders.



Improve Site Assessments

Speed up the site selection and planning process for utility and residential solar projects by standardizing the deliverable for ground surveys or roof panel designs. Increase the ROI for renewable projects by streamlining the site assessment process.

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Don’t Own a Drone?

We can Help! Professional Services can help you get started or even fly for you.

Manage More Projects

Oversee subcontractor work with real-time drone data and improve transparency and collaboration with stakeholders using a variety of media types and reports. Decrease the number of platforms needed for project management, surveys, and documentation.

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Reduce Risk

Reduce direct risk to workers conducting roof inspections or ground surveys while complying with stringent, changing government regulations. Detect damage and maintenance problems while maintaining photographic evidence for insurance claims.

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Project Managers

Increase efficiency with consistent survey deliverables and streamlined operations, communication, and project documentation

Program Directors

Increase the profitability of solar projects with tools to verify work and enable operational excellence for employees and subcontractors

Site Manager

Keep projects on track by verifying subcontractor work and ensuring proper safety protocols onsite

Solar Panel Roof Installation & Design

Generate accurate 3D models for site planning and energy estimates. Improve safety to workers by reducing the time spent on roofs with Accurate roof measurement reports. Leverage APIs to automatically send roof reports to design teams

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Going solar is not a straightforward process, so the challenge is how to install this quickly while also delivering a high-quality product and experience.

One Centralized Platform 

Keep mapping data safe, secure, and easily accessible in a single platform. Customize your DroneDeploy experience with APIs, apps, and machine-learning tools. Manage your site planning, project management, and survey programs with enterprise scalability using drone operations management.

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