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Manage operations at scale while innovating across your sites


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With our cloud-based software, DroneDeploy enables Oil and Gas operations to take their business to new heights. Through interactive digital maps and in-depth analysis, you gain the confidence to make high-quality decisions, cutting costs and saving time.

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    Improve Site Operations

    Monitor assets across production facilities and pipelines.

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    Safety & Compliance

    Manage safety and maintenance issues while complying with government regulations.

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    Innovate with Scaled Data

    Design facilities more efficiently with aerial surveys.

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    Automated Flight

    Our app will fly your drone automatically with any iOS or Android device.

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    Process Maps Fast

    Quickly process images into detailed maps and 3D models in the cloud.

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    Collaborative Insights

    Share maps with other users and tools to put insights into action.

Keep new facility construction on-time and on-budget

  • Oversee site planning and design of a new facility with survey-grade maps
  • Manage internal and external stakeholders with collaborative reports
  • Stay aware of your site's status with visual documentation
  • Quickly identify issues on-site and share visual evidence with contractors 

Proactively monitor assets across production facilities

  • Detect damage and maintenance problems while maintaining photographic evidence 
  • Reduce direct risk to workers conducting inspections in hard-to-reach or unsafe locations 
  • Inspect infrastructure and monitor equipment inventory in real-time with Live Map
  • Analyze site health with radiometric thermal visualizations and plant health analysis

I make sure a project is running smoothly – meaning on time and within budget. I'm constantly multitasking. I communicate and manage internal and external teams to get things done.

Anastasia Zimmer, Project Manager

Drones in Oil and Gas

Pushing the Boundaries of Aerial Inspection with UAVs

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Efficiently create visual documentation across all sites

  • Capture all data for any map, model, or analysis with photos, panoramas, and videos
  • Collaborate with team members by adding annotations and measurements to any 2D map or 3D model
  • Share relevant maps and data layers with site operators to resolve site issues faster
  • Maintain compliance with government agencies by providing up to date maps of wells and facilities

Enterprise-Grade Drone Software Solution

  • Automate and centralize flight, operations, and compliance across distinct business units or office locations
  • Manage data access with role-based permissions and SSO
  • Data is encrypted at rest and in transit, with secure cloud infrastructure, DDoS protection, and ISO 27001 certification 
  • Get expert help on drone training, best practices, and program definition 
  • Integrate into applications you already use and leverage APIs to integrate into custom systems

Oil & Gas Data Sheet

Refer to our data sheet for quick insights and highlights to drone software in oil and gas. Download Now