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Ag Intelligence Designed to Improve Farming Year-Round

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    User-Friendly Software

    Easily fly 160 acres in less than 15 minutes.

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    Field Intelligence

    Spot variations and problem areas with NDVI, VARI, and more.

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    Actionable Information

    Minimize crop loss and boost yield with rapid intervention.

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    Real-Time Insights

    Crop scout and ground truth without leaving the field.

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    Ag Processing Engine

    Image stitching solution to map uniformed sections of farmland.

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    Works With Your Tools

    Integrate your ag software and access 70+ apps in the App Market.

Automate Flight

Capture field images and generate maps.

  • Easy-to-use, reliable software
  • Plan flights from the tailgate of your truck
  • Gain whole-field insights, while in-flight
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DroneDeploy’s Precision Agriculture Package

Combine the data and analytics you need to succeed.

Detect Crop Variability

Drive down costs and increase profits by avoiding crop loss.

  • Crop scout sections of farmland
  • Spot threats with NDVI, VARI, and more
  • Take action and monitor prescriptions over time
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We’re a family-owned seed company here in central Indiana, and we have a keen interest in drones and the use all the way from production through helping our customers be more profitable. We’re really excited about the actionability of these maps - it’s a great growth point for agriculture.

Jim Love picture Jim Love, Light Robotics Manager, Beck's Hybrids

Drones in Agriculture: Lessons From the Field

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Real-time, In-Field Insights

Live Map is the ultimate current-condition crop scouting tool.

  • Scout hundreds of acres, while the drone flies
  • Spot problems and measure plant health instantly
  • Take in-field action to avoid crop loss
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Ultimate Guide to Drones on the Farm

Agriculture Image Processing Engine

DroneDeploy developed the leading processing algorithm customized for agriculture.

  • Stitch crop imagery — even in late stages of growth
  • Generate complete, high-quality results
  • Improved reliability and accuracy over other solutions
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I printed off the report and met him at edge of field. We walked out and ground-truthed the map and he was very impressed. I handed him the map and he was making a decision right from there.

Corey Nohl picture Corey Nohl, Founder, Above All Aerial

How to Use DroneDeploy’s Live Map for Faster Crop Scouting and In-Field Analysis

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Precision Agriculture Package: Drone Software For Ag Professionals

Build trust with growers using the latest technology in drone software to help maximize yields and innovate with precision:

  • Live Map HD - Offline access and analysis to view plant health without having to leave the field.
  • Crop Reports - up to 1,000Ac of Agremo stand count and plant population analyses (a $1,500 value!)
  • Advanced Plant Health - Supports NIR sensors for full NDVI, create management zones, and tune filters
  • Plant Health Shapefile Export - Export data to your preferred farm management software

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Tailor DroneDeploy to Your Farm

  • Access 70+ apps, available only in the DroneDeploy App Market
  • Integrate with your existing agriculture software
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Download field boundaries from flight plans and import directly into SLANTRANGE analytics software for automatic cropping of maps.

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Easily upload aerial drone maps of your fields to your My John Deere account and plan flights based on your existing fields.

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Determine the number of lost plants in a field, as well as the economic impact and the field’s potential yield at harvest.

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Identifies and measures areas of damaged crops caused by unexpected disturbances to your field for crop loss claims and adjusting inspections.

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Set the correct altitude and overlap for great mapping results with your Sentera modified DJI drone.

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Streamline agriculture workflows within the FieldView platform. Merge aerial data from drones, satellite, and manned aircraft.