Virtually bring the job site to your entire team using DroneDeploy and the DJI M3E with RTK module.

In this webinar, DroneDeploy and DJI will discuss the benefits of using RTK in-flight using the Mavic 3 Enterprise with DroneDeploy, the M3E’s RTK capabilities and what they mean for construction workflows.

Join our webinar to learn:

  • Best practices for accurate mapping and how to use DroneDeploy to fly your M3E using RTK
  • How construction companies are using this functionality to find value 
  • How to communicate map accuracy – learn how to validate and trust your data, and determine how much error your data may have
  • How mapping speed compares across different platforms, and its impact on map accuracy
  • What level of accuracy can you expect using the M3E with and without RTK based on our latest study

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