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DroneDeploy Academy

Learn how to best leverage drone technology in your business by getting Certified on DroneDeploy Academy.

Get Certified on DroneDeploy Academy

DroneDeploy Certification is a focused set of curriculum for your entire organization. Our certifications are specified for three different roles in DroneDeploy: Pilot, Analyst, and Administrator. By becoming DroneDeploy certified, you and your organization will have a thorough understanding of DroneDeploy, aviation safety, and the value of drone data in your industry.

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DroneDeploy Pilot Certification

DroneDeploy Pilot Certification covers all aspects of safe and effective data collection with DroneDeploy flight. You will learn how to best leverage all flight templates, settings, and learn best practices for any operation, no matter how large or complex. This certification will help you kick off your drone program and also ensure you can scale in the future.

DroneDeploy Analyst Certification

Become an industry expert and unlock DroneDeploy’s full value 

  • Construction Analyst Certification focuses on how to use the data collected on construction sites to save time and money. Learn how to detect and prevent issues, track and communicate progress, and verify work from subcontractors on work completed vs. time spent.¬†
  • Agriculture Analyst Certification focuses on how to use drone data to improve agricultural yield. Learn how to leverage aerial data in the entire growing season, from stand count reports to drainage maps to crop adjustment analysis.¬†
  • Mining Analyst Certification focuses on how to use drone data to improve mining efficiency. Detect volumes, confirm haul road slopes, communicate progress, and use our stockpile reports to turn volumes in financials for reporting.¬†
  • Oil & Gas Analyst Certification focuses on how to use drone data to improve efficiency. Inspect assets (oil wells, tanks, etc.), communicate progress, survey land, measure volumes, and more, to help proactively inspect assets and facilities, while keeping your team safer.

DroneDeploy Administrator Certification

DroneDeploy Administrator Certificationreviews all key content in managing a drone program for your organization, including the solution DroneDeploy has built for compliance management. You will also gain a deeper understanding of FAA compliance, safe aviation practices, and a review of best practices for creating a Standard Operating Procedure for your growing drone program.

DroneDeploy Certification Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Get DroneDeploy Certified?

If you need to learn how to use drones and DroneDeploy, getting DroneDeploy certified is the easiest way. We have carefully curated relevant courses for each certification to provide all the knowledge you need and minimize unrelated material. Even if you are familiar with DroneDeploy we’ve included many tips, best practices, and additional use cases that may help you see more value from your investment.

Should I require DroneDeploy Certification for my Team?

We created the DroneDeploy Academy with the intent to reduce the training workload for starting and maintaining a Drone Program. As an admin, you can focus on achieving your goals by ensuring your team has the knowledge they need to succeed safely.

How many certifications does DroneDeploy offer? Can I get more than one? 

DroneDeploy offers seven certifications. One pilot certification, one administrator certification, and five industry-specific analyst certifications. The industry-specific curriculum teaches you how to leverage DroneDeploy in your respective field: Agriculture, Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas, and fundamentals. You can have more than one certification; for example, for users who will collect and analyze data, we recommend getting a pilot and analyst certification.