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Professional Drone Pilots Always Available to Create Your Map

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Streamline Drone Data Collection

Plan a flight. Push a button. Get your data.


Photos, maps, and 3d models will appear in your DroneDeploy account within 72hrs.

  • Risk Free Results

    Start analyzing data immediately - no drone or pilot required.

  • Unified Platform

    Single system of record for drone flights and data.

  • Data for All

    Fast aerial insights and ROI for organization of all sizes.

Professional Drone Pilots
On Demand

  • DroneDeploy’s pilot apps—DroneBase and UpLift—provide the ultimate level of data collection simplicity.
  • Certified professional pilots (and their equipment) fly the missions and collect the aerial data.
  • Don’t worry about policies, insurance, training, travel, flight authorizations, and hardware maintenance.
  • Safely capture high-quality data and focus on high-value analytics, integrations, and decisions.
  • Get timely and consistent mapping results with standardized processes and software.


DroneBase offers the world’s largest network of certified and professional drone pilots for hire. As the leader in operational excellence, DroneBase is the trusted, go-to platform for servicing aerial data needs for commercial clients across industries ranging from Insurance to AEC. With over 100,000 commercial flights completed, DroneBase is the most scalable, affordable, and easy-to-integrate solution for enterprises to acquire drone imagery and data from its global pilot network.

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Uplift Data Partners

Uplift Data Partners is the leading data capture pilot platform for enterprise businesses to capture and integrate drone data into their business operations. Uplift’s turn-key platform strategically matches highly trained commercial drone pilots with enterprise clients, enabling them to scale their drone data capture needs. Uplift’s platform seamlessly solves for compliance, airspace, and dispatch of commercially trained pilots at the touch of a button.

Uplift's pilot network is the leading commercially trained and insured pilot network, guaranteeing that every drone pilot meets our enterprise client requirements. Uplift’s network has 100% nationwide coverage of the United States, in addition to network wide night waiver that allows for completing night missions and a sizable insurance umbrella, allowing us to deliver any mission anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drone On Demand?

Drone On Demand is a premier network of certified drone pilots that provides the ultimate level of drone data collection when you need it. All pilots are certified professionals, with their own equipment, that fly missions and collect aerial data for our customers. Drone On Demand lets customers plan a flight mission using DroneDeploy's cloud platform—and then simply request a certified professional pilot from our pilot network, who will go to the site, perform the flight, and collect the aerial data. DroneDeploy’s customers no longer have to worry about certifications, licenses, insurance, flight authorization, training, hardware maintenance, etc. It dramatically streamlines a complicated drone data collection process—putting instant, high-resolution aerial data into the hands of all.

How does Drone On Demand work?

Once you’ve logged in to your DroneDeploy account, click the “+” button then “plan a flight” from your dashboard. Select the area that you’d like to map and name it. Install the Drone On Demand app you prefer to use from our App Market, if you haven’t already. Once the app is installed, open it to start the order process. If there are any specific details to your map request, enter those in the “special requests” section before you hit “order flight.” When you’re ready, hit order, and a window will pop up. To complete the request, click “pay,” and wait for a reply that your mission is confirmed. Mission requests are sent to our pilot network and confirmed within 24 hours. Weather and conditions permitted, flights are completed and uploaded to your DroneDeploy account within 72 hours.

Do I have to be a paid DroneDeploy customer to leverage Drone On Demand?

Yes, you do have to be a paid DroneDeploy customer to leverage Drone On Demand’s pilot network. Additionally, you need to have a credit card on file in order to pay for the flight.

What is the scheduling process?

Drone On Demand flights are scheduled based on weather and pilot availability. Once you submit your mission request, our team works quickly to source a pilot on the next available day. When a pilot books the mission, you will receive a confirmation email from us notifying you of the scheduled flight date. Should the weather suddenly turn and becomes less than ideal for flight, we will postpone until the next best day weather permitting.

What analytics tools can I use?

You have access to all of the analytics and measurement tools, as well as exporting and support options available under your current subscription plan.

Who are the pilots and what certifications are required?

We’ve built a network of the highest quality, best pilots, so all pilots are certified, safe, screened and selected by our Drone On Demand network partners. All pilots are FAA Section 333 exempt or have passed Part 107.

How do I receive the data once the mission is complete?

Once your flight is complete, your data will be directly uploaded to your DroneDeploy account and you will receive an email notifying you that your data is ready. Log into your DroneDeploy account for you to view, download, export, share, and analyze as you need.