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Capture maps, photos, panoramas, and videos all from one app

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    Complete Data Capture

    Easily capture any type of drone media including photos, maps, videos, and panoramas

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    Safe Autonomous Flight

    Make complex planning simple and safe with just a few taps 

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    Real-time Results

    Create instant maps,  photos, panoramas, and video that sync from your mobile device

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    Full Drone Support

    Compatible with the most popular drones to get you up and running today

Safe Automatic Flights

Capture consistent data over time

  • Plan and share flight plans with your entire team
  • Automate takeoff, flight, and landing
  • Safely fly using in-app pre-flight checklists 
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What would have taken surveyors eight hours took me about two hours, and you also have the cost savings of paying one person instead of a three-man crew.

Michael Lambert, VDC Manager, Chasco Constructors

One Stop for Drone Data Capture

Easily gather all data for any map, model or analysis

  • Collect photos, panoramas, videos, and maps
  • Capture plant health, thermal, orthomosaic, and more 
  • Use automatic or manual flight to take control
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Drone Operations Management

Gain insight into your drone operations across your entire organization, automating and centralizing flight, operations, and compliance.

In-Field Insights 

Quickly assess reality to take action 

  • Generate a Live Map in real-time, no SD cards or internet required
  • Conduct real-time assessments and analysis 
  • Easily upload all media to cloud on-site  

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