Drone Operations Management

Insight into drone operations across your entire organization in a single platform, from automating and centralizing flight, operations, compliance, and integrations


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Mc Carthy

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    Manage Drone Program

    Oversight and control over your entire drone operations

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    Fly Safely

    Fly close proximity and seamlessly avoid obstacles

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    Centralized Platform

    Organize all site data for easy sharing and straightforward decision making.

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    Unify Your Data

    Compare different data sets to gather rich  insights over time

Fly Safely and In Compliance

Gain control of your fleet, pilots, and data

  • Enforce safe operating procedures for OSHA compliant drone flight
  • Customize the checklist for your business requirements
  • Record pilot’s digital credentials and responses alongside the checklist for each flight
  • Acquire LAANC authorization in controlled airspace through partnerships with Airbus UTM

Gather Insights to Grow Your Program

Grow your program from inception to scale 

  • Enable fleet commanders to respond to legal challenges, demonstrate compliance with company policy, federal and local laws
  • Provide hard numbers to the business on drone flights completed
  • One platform that controls drone flight, and captures comprehensive flight logging, automatically

Easily Manage Pilots and Equipment

Stay in compliance with government and in-house regulations

  • Ensure Drone Pilots remain fully compliant with federal certification
  • Manage all drones in use by your team, including registration, total flights, last pilot and last flight
  • Set expiration dates for pilot licenses to prompt you to start training programs for staff who need to renew their Part 107

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