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Complete Drone Data Analysis Anywhere

Right data, at the right time, to the right people

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    Unify Your Data

    Compare different data sets to gather rich  insights over time

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    Collaborate from Anywhere

    Connect your team with an interactive, up-to-date visual record of your project

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    Measure and Report

    Measure volume, slope and distance, and generate professional reports at the click of a button

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    Automate Insights

    Insights you need with automatic detection & counting of objects like stockpiles, trees, and cars

Explore Data in One Place

Analyze reality to make more informed decisions 

  • View and compare elevation, plant health, and thermal data
  • Compare as-built to as-designed with design plan overlays
  • Explore 2D maps, 3D models, photos, panoramas, and videos in a single solution

Collaborate from Anywhere

The flexibility and agility to share on site or back in the office 

  • Explore maps, photos, videos, and panoramas on any device
  • Add comments, annotations, and measurements to any map in 2D or 3D
  • Receive updates and access the latest data

If I need a contractor to be aware of a design change before he lays pipe, I simply walk over to him with my tablet, blow up a particular section of overlaid plans and show him exactly what he needs to know. I have it all in a PDF, so I can pencil in the new route of the pipe right there in front of him and then send the information over to the engineers. This cuts out weeks of back and forth and boils it all down to less than an hour.

Nick Johnson, Contract Project Manager, Tilt Rock of Texas

Accurate Measurements and Reports

Quickly assess progress, issues, and opportunities

  • Accurately measure volume, slope, and distance 
  • Evaluate progress and validate work with Earthworks analysis
  • Report value and quantify inventory with Stockpile Reporting 

Automated Insights

Save Time and improve accuracy

  • Automate counting and other manual tasks, such as, counting trees or cars
  • Detect stockpiles for inventory management automatically
  • Systematically identify and geolocate the most popular types of GCP markers

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