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DroneDeploy Conference 2019 Brings Together Industry Visionaries

Event provides drone solution best practices and looks to future; NASA engineer to keynote.

SADA Helps DroneDeploy Take Flight with Google Cloud

DroneDeploy has drastically reduced their year-over-year costs, and a large part of this is due to the easy scalability they enjoy on GCP.

DroneDeploy Launches Single Enterprise Solution for All Drone Operations

New release delivers one platform to manage drone operations, capture all media types, and analyze data

DroneDeploy Pledges 1% and Launches

DroneDeploy is seeking to partner with even more organizations committed to creating a better future for people and communities across our planet.

DroneDeploy Customers Complete 1 Million Drone Flights in 2018

The world's leading commercial drone software company, announced today that its customers have safely conducted more than 1 million automated drone flights around the world.

3rd Annual DroneDeploy Event Explores the Future of Drones

DroneDeploy announced the latest technology advancements, shared enterprise customer success stories, and gave its vision for the drone industry’s future at annual user conference.

Intelligent Cloud Photogrammetry Software for Drones

DroneDeploy releases Map Engine— the industry’s first machine learning-driven photogrammetry software for drones. Map Engine generates high-resolution maps and 3D models from drone imagery in record time.

DroneDeploy Raises $25M to Bring Drones to Every Job Site

DroneDeploy plans to use the new funds to extend its position as the market leader by expanding their ecosystem of over 80 platform apps and integrations, accelerating a series of industry-focused solutions, and target new sectors including solar and oil & gas.

Largest Drone Data Platform in the World 

2018 Commercial Drone Industry Trends Report details the state of the drone industry and reveals DroneDeploy's explosive growth to the largest drone data repository, with 30 million acres of data from 180 countries.

New Construction Solution from DroneDeploy

DroneDeploy launched its construction solution to meet the industry’s growing demand for aerial site intelligence. It includes a tool that simplifies project progress photo collection, a partnership with Uplift Data Partners, and a new Accuracy Package designed specifically for construction professionals.

SoftBank Taps DroneDeploy as the Drone Software Platform Choice in Japan

DroneDeploy launched the Drone software ''DroneDeploy Cloud Service'' in Japan and SoftBank C&S will be the distributor.

Drone on Demand Makes Real-time Drone Insights Accessible to All

The partnership allows DroneDeploy users across industries such as construction, solar, insurance, and agriculture, to pay $99 to get a drone flight flown by a local certified pilot instead of traveling to a job site.

"DroneDeploy makes it possible for just about anyone to fly drones."

"DroneDeploy specializes in analyzing and mapping aerial data captured for agriculture and construction projects."

"DroneDeploy's app is about to make farming more efficient."